It is time to “DUMB UP” the population by calling out their stupidity. If you ever tune in to these stations and watch these people, it is stunning to see their thought process which only happens in the looney toons cartoons. And, to think they are being taught to exercise their brains in this manner and get paid for it. Why – because the management’s thought process is behind it to make them look ridiculous. The management should be jailed for abusing these folks’ minds to such an extent – they can’t think logically.

We need to refer to these stations as the tasseled Blobfish.


The Fake News media is one of the greatest threats to the United States at large today.

News stations such as MSNBC, ABC, and CCN are hiding the truth about Critical Race Theory.

Big Tech giants such as Facebook are determining what is “the truth” on social media and censoring conservatives.

The Left-wing media is attempting to determine our elections, enact socialism, and force Woke culture upon us.
However, Fake News and Big Tech have a BIG weakness they don’t want you to know about… They can be DEFEATED.

Before I tell you how they can be defeated, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Brent Bozell, I am the President and Founder of the Media Research Center (MRC). MRC is the only conservative organization dedicated to exposing the radical Left-wing agenda in the media.

When the MRC was founded in 1987 over 75% of Americans trusted the Leftwing media… now 90% DO NOT trust the Fake News media.

You can help the Media Research Center defeat the Fake News Media by donating $10, $20.22, $50, $100, or more by clicking here.

So… how do we defeat the Left-wing media?

When I founded MRC my mission was to expose the Left-wing media bias and create distrust. And I am proud to declare we’ve done it! Trust in the media has been shattered.

However, something unexpected happened…

The Fake News media machine has become even uglier, insidious, and agenda driven. Most Left-wing media outlets don’t even attempt to hide their bias anymore!

Now, you and I must expose their outright lies and tell Americans the truth. On top of that, we have a new threat… Big Tech censoring conservatives on social media.

Donate to the Media Research Center >>>

Here is how the Media Research Center is TAKING DOWN the Fake News media:

MRC records all Fake News media outlets to identify lies, half-truths, and lies of omission. In fact, we have over 800,000 hours of recorded video and audio from TV, radio, and podcasts.

We use this content to expose the truth and show everyday Americans how the Fake News media is using their influence to enact socialism, advocate for Critical Race Theory, and sabotage conservatives.

MRC is combatting online censorship by building MASSIVE social media pages to distribute the truth. I am proud to report MRC’s social media team has several MILLION followers and we reach millions of Americans each week with our message.

MRC has a PROVEN formula to create results, expose the Left-wing media, and spread our message and the truth to millions.

I am inviting you to invest in the Media Research Center by making a donation today. Your gift empowers MRC to TAKE DOWN the Fake News media and spread our message:

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My goal is to raise $25,000 from patriots across the country who wish to FIGHT BACK.

One of MRC’s slogans is, “Believe in America, not the media”.

MRC is funded by people who love America, love our Constitution, and want to create a freer society for the next generation.

Which is why I am emailing you.

I believe you and I share these same values.

Help me fight the Fake News media, spread our message, and fight for the values and principles that built the greatest country on Earth.

Will you please be one of the first to donate? My goal is to raise $25,000 in the next 72 hours.

Please click here to donate $10, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or ANY amount you are comfortable with by clicking here.

Thank you for your support.

Together we can win this fight, take down the Fake News media, and fight for liberty.

Brent Bozell
Founder and President of MRC


Not asking you to donate – only if you wish.


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