Our politicians of the world continue to use climate change as a big deal to collect more money and limit our lives. Why? None of us has the ability to manage climate change. The politicians think they do; but, they don’t. They only use it as a wedge to garner more money and limit us in our daily living.

We all know what the climate change calendar is – Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter. During the seasons, we might have severe weather of various shapes and sizes. In the Spring we might have more winter snow/showers or storms. In the Summer we might have hurricanes/tornadoes and high heat. In the Fall – we can have early snows and cold fronts running through the landscape. We all know the seasons change from year to year. In the South for years – snow/sleet/hail was no big thing and now it is. In the South this year we had the coldest snow weather that I have witnessed.

These politicians think they know how to control the weather. They forget there is a higher power who is in control; but, they still rag about it. I would be concerned if there was a consensus by the scientists – but, even some of them disagree with the politicians.

Remember, our politicians are not scientists even though they claim they know the answer to the subject of climate change. Just remember, Buyer Beware! They just want to take away more of our freedoms by continuing to use that screw driver to continue tightening that bolt that holds your life.

They even went to the extreme by adopting 17-year-old Greta to improve their image of climate change – who has no background and only has a passionate opinion. Just think about your mind at 17 and your thought process – we really thought we knew all about everything and found out later how wrong we were. Revisiting my thought process at that age I always thought my parents were “so dumb.” When I hit the age of 21 and a child in tow, I called my “Mom,” and thanked her for all her advice/putting up with my smartness and for having a “degree in knowledge” from the University of Life. ” But, for grown men/women politicians who are falling back on a child’s knowledge – tells you how desperate they are.

Our media has joined in with the stupidity crowd:

Greta Thunberg is changing how the world views climate change The 17-year-old Swede rose to prominence when she began publicly voicing her passionate opinions on climate change inaction. It all began in 2018 when Thunberg instigated a school strike.

Always remember, nothing stands still – even each of you.

Who are these people who are making so much noise about climate change – politicians, who have run out of ideas on how to get more power over the people and make them slaves to their ideas of stupidity.


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