KOMMONSENTSJANE – “Squad” Member’s “Slam Dunk” On CEO Just Went Horribly Wrong

What does this woman know about running a business or anything? Nothing! The only thing she and this squad is good at is – running their mouths. They blather through their hormones and make statements they can’t back up or prove.

Just part of this Congresswoman Tablib’s persona. She even “eats” her own party to make herself look good.

The Michigan representative, Talib, was taking part in a panel event with fellow Democratic congresswomen Pramila Jayapal and Ilhan Omar, held at a folk music concert in Iowa on Friday.

BREAKING: At a @BernieSanders rally in Iowa tonight, a leading Sanders’ surrogate @RashidaTlaib led the crowd in booing @HillaryClinton. pic.twitter.com/AKdi2psI2h
— Christopher J. Hale (@chrisjollyhale) February 1, 2020


Freedom Beacon

“Squad” Member’s “Slam Dunk” On CEO Just Went Horribly Wrong

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Far-left Michigan Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib, one of the best-known members of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “squad,” recently had the opportunity to ask questions of various oil executives.

Last Thursday, execs from Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, and Exxon Mobil sat before members of the House Oversight Committee, of which Tlaib is a member, to answer questions about the current conditions in the energy industry.

Democrats were all set to use the hearing as an opportunity to talk about the so-called “climate emergency” and the impact that these industries are having on the planet – and when it came to Tlaib’s turn, she made absolutely no sense.

Tlaib accused oil companies of funding various trade groups like Colorado Rising and One Alaska, which both oppose new environmental regulations. She said that advertisements don’t contain the names of Chevron, BP, or Exxon, and that the companies are trying to “hide” and “deceive the public.”

Mike Wirth, the CEO of Chevron, went on to confirm that Chevron actually doesn’t own Noble Energy, which is the company that funded Colorado Rising – meaning that Tlaib’s accusation was…wrong.

“Mike, Mike Wirth,” she then. “When are you going to cut the check?”

“Congresswoman, I’m not sure I understand the context of your question,” he responded.

She then went on to claim that Chevron has 80 serious cases of community and environmental abuses in 31 different countries, and owes more than $50 billion in settlements – but Wirth said he wasn’t familiar with the data. And then, she refused to provide any evidence for the claims.

She asked when Wirth is going to “cut the $50 billion check that you owe.”

But again, didn’t specifically outline what it is she thinks that the company owes and to whom it is owed.

“Congresswoman, I’d be happy to take a look at the source for your information on this and get back to you on it because I have no understanding on it,” Wirth responded.

You can see it here:

Not only was it a clear attempt at a “gotcha” moment, but the data is also basically made up. It comes from a report by radical left-wing environmentalist organization Amazon Watch, which made up the $50 billion number by making questionable and often baseless claims about the oil company owing back taxes to various governments.

No data. No evidence. Just smears. That’s how the Democrats operate.


Talib is not an American – she is a foreigner who entered government employment to tear down our country. Plain and simple. All she knows is rag, rag, rag.


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