KOMMONSENTSJANE – The Imaginary Leap to “Climate Crisis”

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Obama/Biden’s insane asylum were given the controls under the Obama Hammer Score Board 2020 election. The WE THE PEOPLE have to cut their legs out from under them in the upcoming elections.


Science Matters

Nowadays human imagination is serving slavery and division, rather than the freedom and peace John Lennon envisioned.  At the very moment when we should be celebrating so much progress over human suffering, instead elites and celebrities are mobilizing to destroy individual rights and freedoms.  Michael Hart in his book preface describes the flight of imagination bringing the world to this moment of climate fear and division.  Excerpts in italics with my bolds.

Imagine a movement so bent on achieving its political objectives that it is willing to corrupt science to meet them. Imagine governments around the globe, first adopting and then promoting this official science for more than two generations. Imagine that they are willing to use their regulatory power to implement a massive program of social engineering in order to “save” the planet. Imagine the United Nations leading this movement and insisting that a global effort is required.

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