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First They Came for Shakespeare…

By J.B. Shurk at American Thinker:

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”That’s Shakespeare.(And an accurate description of the United Nations today!)Before theGreat Bard of Avonwas “canceled” for being a white Englishman, most high school graduates would have known that.Quite a few would have even remembered the line comes from Act I ofThe Tempest.

Now they have scant knowledge of Shakespeare’s works, no idea what a “tempest” is, and most likely think “hell” and “devils” are as “cool” and “misunderstood” as Hollywood portrays them inLucifer.But,woo-hoo, they know all about “privilege,” “social justice,” “gender pronouns,” and scary “global warming,” so they’re all set for the lives of servile mediocrity the Democrat party molds.What’s the point of seeking outthetruth whenyourtruth is all that matters?Who needs the arts or religion when there…

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