It was time for the turkey Democrat Communist to be brought to the fore front and whipped. They have been cheating for many years. They weren’t elected to change our country into a communist nation. It all started with Obama/Democrats.

Repeating a false narrative — that’s what many Republicans believe Democrats are doing in the aftermath of Republican Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia Tuesday, pushing accusations that Youngkin’s rejection of critical race theory was a subtle appeal to white supremacists, and racists. As Doug McKelway reports, conservatives are hoping the Left keeps blowing the “dog whistle” narrative, believing it has so offended independent voters and public school parents that they’ll turn out in record numbers to reject progressivism in the 2022 midterm elections.


Bad management by these Communist Democrats has opened Pandora’s box which has all of those trigger charts like teaching CRT/RACISM in that MAMA BEARS box and now PAPA BEAR has stepped in – cause you don’t mess with their cubs..

And those Communists have been doing a lot of messin’.


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