The Biden COMMUNIST Democrats have been working to bring foreigners to the U.S. from communist countries and think they will turn this country into a communist country. Any one with common sense knows they come to the U.S. to be FREE and can live with dignity and work to achieve their success.

Why would they vote for communism when they left that and knew what that gave them?

Maria said:

It is reassuring to see the American people using common sense by walking away from the new Communist Democratic Party at the ballot box. Our nation deserves fighting for freedom, values, and country. Let’s restore America to its greatness.

Something that President Trump gave us and the Biden/Pelosi Democrats stole from the people.


Texas District Flips Red

November 3, 2021| By: Sally Kent

Along with a series of other Republican wins on Tuesday, the GOP also flipped a Texas House district from blue to red. House candidate John Lujan won the seat in Texas’ 118th House of Representatives district, which is nearly 75% Hispanic.

The Daily Wire reports:

The victory by Lujan gives Republicans an early win in their drive to make new inroads in South Texas after President Joe Biden underperformed there last year. With all vote centers reporting Tuesday night, Lujan was leading Democrat Frank Ramirez 51.2% to 48.8%, according to unofficial results. Lujan briefly held the seat in 2016, while Ramirez is a former staffer for the San Antonio City Council and at the Texas Legislature.

The seat was last represented by Democratic representative Leo Pacheco, who “resigned effective August 19, 2021, to teach public administration at San Antonio College,” as Ballotpedia noted.

According to the 2015-2019 American Community Survey, with an analysis by Texas Legislative Council, Research Division, the 18th district was 73.4% Hispanic.


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