KOMMONSENTSJANE – All Of The Talking Heads On Television Are Wrong About Why The Democrats Lost Virginia — The Economic Collapse

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https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2423136791739/liberals-cry-racism-following-success-of-white-brown-and-black-gop-candidateshenry ruggs

The lefties are still crying racism because the cry babies couldn’t cheat and win. Now  they said they would stop drinking milk because it is white.


Poor sports these tech people – won’t let me show a pacifier photo.


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The corporate media seemed absolutely shocked by what happened on Tuesday night. But I was not shocked one bit. In fact, anyone with any common sense at all should have seen it coming. Sadly, none of the talking heads on television that I saw were willing to admit why the Democrats really lost Virginia. Some of the analysts said things that were true, but none of them addressed the main issue. For example, CNN’s Van Jones admitted that Democrats“are coming across as annoying and offensive”, and that was certainly a truthful statement. But that isn’t why Democrats lost. Ultimately, the real reason why they lost in a state where they usually win is incredibly simple.

Voters are moved by things that affect them personally more than anything else. “It’s the economy, stupid” was a slogan that was invented by Clinton campaign strategist James Carville all the way back…

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