Welcome to Wokeism,

It is run by the Democratic Party and Biden/Obama’s parallel government. It does not use the Constitution as we all know (no law or equal justice.) Instead they use the Marxists’ ideology. Why hasn’t the Supreme Court stepped in to protect the Constitution. By the way – whose job is it to protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

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Black Lives Matter
Cancel Culture
Critical Race Theory
Cultural Appropriation
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Woke Dictionary
What is Wokeism?

A woke mob demands obedience. Obey or else.

Wokeism is an oppressive mind-virus. Our mission is to stop the virus with data, ridicule, and community.

Wokeism is a Marxist inspired movement that started off with well-intentioned people that wanted to stop racism and social injustice. It has now morphed into a cult that seeks to silence all of those that disagree. At first, using social humiliation, but now graduating to violence through Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots.

Wokeism demands equity not equality. It seeks to destroy all norms, to redefine words, and destroy objective science in order to create a Marxist Utopia. Instead of reducing racism, this new anti-racism is just racism by a different name.

Wokeism is a full-on attack on Western Society. It rewrites history in order to confuse and inspire the destruction of the West. This virus is infecting every part of society. From children’s schools to the Government. It is everywhere and is now threatening to end freedom of speech and thought. It has become impossible to speak out without fear of career-death and possible physical harm.

Enough is enough. It’s time to break people out of the Postmodernist thought-prison and stop the woke movement.


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