What did Obama/Democrats do for the Blacks? Four years with a stacked deck and Obama/Democrats did NOOOOTHING!

Remember Obama was the DIVIDER IN CHIEF during his lack luster time in office. Obama started dividing the country with the Police AND CONTINUES TO USE HIS INFLUENCE TO HURT THE COUNTRY. Didn’t he start BLM/Antifa?

He has been using the Hammer Scoreboard throughout the world to win elections, all of his elections starting in Chicago, and the Democrats used it in the 2020 election and we need to TRUST BUT VERIFY that election to keep them from cheating again in the next election.

Remember Obama has gone through life on other people’s dime (he stated that other’s peoples money was his way of life) and that is why he is rich today. He said he got rich co-ghosting a book – too funny.

Obama/Terry McAuliffe/Biden didn’t EARN their money like Youngkin did. He earned it while those Democrats did not.

McAuliffe/Obama (remember Obama is telling Biden what to do) are working with the Democrats to turn our country into a Communist country. Watch Stacey Abrams ranting and raving her politics and that tells you what she is. In fact, Georgia, recently, bought more Hammer Scoreboard voting machines so the Democrats can win in the next election.

Terry McAuliffe Claims Stacey Abrams Should Be Governor of Virginia, Citing Non-Existent Voter Disenfranchisement. He has started his lying now – too funny – she doesn’t live in Virginia and lost the Georgia election for governor; but, has never conceded the election up to now. Poor loser. McAuliffe claims Stacey Abrams should be governor of Georgia, furthering what some call her ‘Big Lie’

My question to Obama can he explain the following 2020 election numbers since the Democrats won’t own up to them:

Obama said. “We’re not going to go back to the chaos that did so much damage. Too funny – remember it was the Democrats/BLM/Antifa that caused the melee during January 6 and all during President Trumps time in office – all we heard is RUSSIA RUSSIA and now it seems all of this came from:

Trust – but verify.

Don’t waste your political capital vote on a “has been;” but, use it for someone who EARNED THEIR MONEY like Youngkin and President Trump. President Trump did more for the black people than Obama ever any thought of – Obama/Democrats want them back on the Plantation by making this country a communist country.


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