KOMMONSENTSJANE – National Institute of Health Confirms Fauci Lied Under Oath: Did Fund “Gain of Function” Virus Research at Wuhan Lab

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This was evident when the China virus started.  The One World Order’s plan is to reduce the population and it is working.  Look how many people have died throughout the world.  In the past, they were using abortions throughout the world and were called out on abortion.  So, they resorted to this China virus method.  Rather than babies – they are now culling the world with all ages and the old folks, especially.  Now with the migration, they are rearranging the deck chairs of poor countries so rich countries will be taking care of  them.

Where is the World Court in this China virus genocide – no where.  Just like in the abortion genocide?  They are a part of it.


They can’t deny each other because they are all in the same “piss” pot; and, if one domino falls – so will the rest of them.  Excuse my French!


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“Gain of Function” is a euphemism for biological weapons research. Taking a virus and mixing it with other virus’ and DNA sources to make them more powerful and contagious.

We have disabled people and veterans who are suffering and we are giving money to CHINA, the single worst human rights abuser in the world, money for bioweapons research. I am sure the fancy far left professors will deny that anyone would use such a thing for bioweapons because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is as pure as the wind driven snow.

Those who authorized the funding lied and said that there is no way COVID came from a lab and anyone who says so is a nutty conspiracy theorist.

Then other scientists said wait a minute it does look like it came from a lab.

Then others started to admit it likely came from a lab, then even the corpomedia…

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