KOMMONSENTSJANE – It’s Not Just the Shame – NATO’s Challenges after Afghanistan

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What a way to run a railroad? They keep putting more good money to build up a country run by illiterates.  Russia fought 20 years and now the U.S. 20 years.  What did we end up with – another lost war by not really allowing the soldiers to fight to win, bunch of dead and wounded people, and lots of money spent for naught.

What does it mean to throw good money after bad?

Meaning of throw good money after bad in English. throw good money after bad. is to waste money by spending more money on something you have already spent money on that is no good.

Remember, the trained army ran away when they heard the Taliban were coming. The Koran states they can’t fight/kill their own culture. When will the rest of us understand that – NATO is just spinning their wheels and filling their own pockets on the side.


Tipping Point

NATO Ministers have been meeting in Brussels this week. They always look pleased with themselves during the photo-opportunities. But on this occasion perhaps they should look a bit more ashamed. It may be tempting for them to shrug at the fate of Afghanistan and urge the alliance to ‘move on’. There is, after all, plenty to worry about nearer to home. But if NATO leaders want to ignore Afghanistan, it is unlikely that Afghanistan will ignore them. The strategic fall-out from the debacle has only just begun. Michael Clarke outlines the issues.

NATO’s commitment to the Afghanistan operation was big. The alliance led the International Security Assistance Force from 2003 to 2014 – a mission that involved some 50 alliance members and partners and which at its 2012 peak deployed 130,000 troops in-theatre, almost half of them from countries other than the United States. In 2015 NATO established the Resolution…

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