As we all know the Democrats have used a cheating method to win elections for many years. Here is a good example. The method the Dem’s used – Hammer Scorecard voting software is used by the other party in the past election and will use it in the next election and we have to show them that two can play that game.

This Hammer Scorecard voting has to be investigated – like – yesterday.

Republican-controlled state legislatures have passed new restrictions on voting in response to former President Donald Trump’s continual false claims that the 2020 election was rigged against him.

Which is true:

“It’s the greatest assault on voting rights in the history of the United States, for real, since the Civil War,” Biden said.

(In Biden’s above statement, It’s the greatest assault on voting rights, etc., proves they cheated. He even admits it.)

But efforts by congressional Democrats to expand voting rights have been repeatedly filibustered by Senate Republicans. Under Senate rules, 60 senators must vote to advance most legislation.

Biden suggested that may have to change.

Yes, the U.S. voter must be ready for the Democrats method of cheating in the next election since it is a matter of survival for our way of life.


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