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“Let’s Go Brandon.” BOO-urns. Fall in the same camp. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

Alternate spelling of boo urns. Exclamation. A cheer for The Simpsons character Montgomery Burns. Often used incorrectly by Canadians to suggest disproval of anything, rather than approval of Burns. Obviously, “boo” and “Boo-urns” are two different and mutually exclusive words.


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biden blustering like a fool Blustering demagogue

Here at Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog I often hear from overseas readers requesting clarification on some of the obscure in-jokes of America’s political culture. This time around it’s regarding why “Let’s go Brandon!” is the ultimate up yours to corrupt Joe Biden and to his corporate media sycophants.

Several weeks ago “Fuck Joe Biden” became the frequently heard roar of the crowds at college football games and then spread to other events, because, well, it’s no secret that Joe Biden is corrupt, demented, blood soaked and much worse. At a recent NASCAR event, Brandon Brown won the race and as he was being interviewed the stands were roaring with the chant of “Fuck Joe Biden!”

biden blood on handsHowever, corporate media shill Kelli Stavast, scrambling in 1984 fashion to protect Joe Biden as Big Brother, claimed that the crowd was really shouting “Let’s go Brandon!” Not even Biden supporters were…

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