KOMMONSENTSJANE – Trump Got A Raw Deal.. All The Negativity Surrounding Him Was False And Unwarranted But Nonetheless He Should Step Aside – NO!

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Why should he step aside – he is the strong one who can if showered with the Constitution and not the wickedness of the left did wonders. Trump’s personality was over shadowed by the use of power against him – Democrats/Pelosi are the ones who have to be punished?  If all of the guilty are not punished – then our country will never be free.

Ron DeSantis or a Niki Halley are still “wet behind the ears” and not strong enough to deal with what we are facing.  If worse comes to worse – I would go with DeSantis.

Trump’s brashness is used when necessary and called for.  It is those who are guilty are afraid of his strength and stealthy ways of helping to make our country great again.  The Democrats/Biden/Pelosi are the ones who fool people with their dishonesty by playing with words like honesty (they have the same brashness that Trump has but are dishonest and hide it – it has surfaced in the past).




  Trump Got A Raw Deal.. All The Negativity Surounding Him Was False And Unwarranted But Nontheless He Should Step Aside And Be A King Maker Not A Heartbreaker.Allof Trumps Bad Unwarranted And Underseved Press Will Never Go Away..He Was Spot On Everything He Did As POTUS But the Optics Are Tainted ..Even If Trump Retains Most Of His Followers Which We Believe Trump Will Do Loosing Just 10% Will Be Detrimental.


He Most Probably Will Not Pick Up Any New Adherents Or Win Over Any New Friends Or Influence New Voters In The Republican Corner..That You Can Bet The Farm On.Republicans Need A Conservation Candidate With Basically The Same Views But Lacking All The Negative Baggage Also Ron Desantis Or A Niki Halley.

Trump Has always Been A Very Intelligent Fellow..When You See Him On The Evening News Doing A One On One Interview Comes Across As…

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