KOMMONSENTSJANE – An Electoral Majority is not a Governing Majority

Please, everyone read and digest this information which young people have not been given access to and should.

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The Socialists are trying to “screw” the system which protects all

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consider the politics

An electoral majority and a governing majority are not the same. They are frequently confused. And that is understandable. After all, if a majority of voters supported one party over another, that party would be expected to control the distribution of government resources and transform its voters’ wishes into legislation. The losers, routed and outnumbered, would be expected to relinquish control and reconstitute for the next election. Ergo, to the victor goes the spoils.

This is the distilled essence of democracy – majority rule.

However, contrary to expectations, majority rule does not determine our politics. Far from it. Yes, superior numbers matter for elections. But they matter far less for governing.

The Constitution intentionally checks popular majorities. To exert influence, majorities must work through a tangle of challenging constitutional barriers – separation of powers, federalism, and the Bill of Rights. Combining with minority interests, and ultimately compromising, is the way…

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