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Just to refresh our minds.


That is the Dem’s nature – cheating, stealing, and lying.


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Schumer cryingBalladeer’s Blog provides a look at the midterm elections for overseas readers since so many of you have asked for clarification amid the Democrat versus Republican smoke-blowing since Tuesday night. As always I’m a bit moved and humbled when you readers ask me to cut through some of the confusion since you know that I dislike both parties equally. So I will be 100% sincere with my impression of the 2018 midterms.

ONE – There was no “Blue Wave” despite the corporate media’s 24/7 propaganda blitz. 

TWO – Historically the political party that does NOT have the White House does very well in the midterms and it is always noteworthy when the President’s party does NOT lose large numbers of seats in Congress.

Democrats are sore losersFor instance, in Barack Obama’s first midterms he lost SIXTY-THREE seats in the House of Representatives AND lost 6 Senate seats. Bill Clinton ( Full disclosure: I…

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