What was the original meaning of eyes of Texas song?

(Others have taken it upon themselves to give it other meanings. You can take any song and make it mean anything you want.)

The eyes of Texas are upon you The original lyrics of The Eyes of Texas, written on brown paper from Bosche’s Laundry. is a direct statement to the student body (overwhelmingly white at that time) that the elders of the state and the previous generation are watching them and expecting them to do great things with their education.


After reading this story, the conclusion I came to before and now in regards to our educational system is that we continue to accelerate blacks in/thru the educational system as if they had a PhD degree and can guide us thru making decisions for the people who are suppose to be the ones making the decisions by allowing them to skirt thru their education and black-balling things along the way. The educators are the one who are derelict in their duties.

After reading this story. it told me these educators lack the leadership needed to handle the problems confronting them about race; and, it is happening over and over and has destroyed our educational system and our Constitution/Country.

A good example is the new statue of the first black letterman which was installed. Why wasn’t it equally done and had the first black letterman, plus the first letterman in each culture? Why are things always done to such an extreme?

These folks coming up thru the ranks are uneducated in the three R’s, especially history/civics and you are allowing them to make decisions they aren’t qualified to make. Now we have these same people with watered-down degrees in our society in jobs they aren’t qualified and are trying to turn our country into a socialist nation. Again, look at our cities/government which is being run by unqualified people, spending the money like it is going out of style, and are ending up with hoof and mouth disease.

It is time for someone to put the brakes on this scheme called uneducated racing.

I know this is brutal but someone has to tell it like it is. We are failing our fore fathers and the Constitution – and our children.


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