KOMMONSENTSJANE – Two Germans, a Fox News Clip, and the Impotence of the United States

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Something to chew on. I think it is time for an exception for the States.


Roger Prather

On his October 7 Fox News show, Ben Domenech used the formation of the Western States Pact in the Spring of 2020 and its various attempts to mimic the constitutional powers of the federal government such as, as Domenech put it, trying to negotiate with Congress on a peer-to-peer basis and creating its own version of the FDA/CDC to provide Covid vaccine approvals that mean essentially nothing, to launch a monologue on the impotence of the U.S. government. In the rest of the clip, which is below, Domenech makes observation after observation about the inability of the United States government to “do anything but nothing.” This includes an inability to protect the seat of government, secure the southern border, win wars, ensure the domestic tranquility of the nation, or as everyone should be aware by now, present a coherent and consistent public health policy in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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