A lot of people are “waking” up – not “woking” up – although there are still those Democrats who do not know the difference between “WAKING UP” AND ‘WOKING UP.”

The public have found out that the military/educational system is trying to confuse those under their direction that “woking up” means the same as “waking” up. Let’s distinguish between the two:

WAKING UP – To become alert to or aware of something, especially something that needs to be recognized as a problem.

WOKING UP – Woke, to most of us, means annoying, lecturing, condescending over the top “everything is racist, everything is sexist, this character is gay now cuz reasons and if you don’t like that choice it can only mean you’re homophobic”. To be woke means to be, well, an annoying jerk (at best).

A progressive person who hasn’t woken up from a horrible nightmare that he was deported to Cuba as a socialist.



Obama Tried to Warn Us: ‘Don’t Underestimate Joe’s Ability to F— Things Up’

Here we are in the midst of – Biden’s ability to………..?

Why do the Democrats always get things “assel” backwards? Their slogan is BUILD BACK BETTER? But, back in the Clinton’s era they stopped teaching and allowing kids to learn a trade in high school. Their motto then was everyone was suppose to go to college – but not everyone is/was mentally capable of college when they did not have the background. What did they then do – pushed all of the black kids thru college on a free ride.

The end result was – we now have a shortage in the trade business – plumbers, welders, etc. And, to make it worse, they are gearing the young people to not work at all by giving them stipends – free money. As we all know, there is a labor shortage because no one is trained for trade jobs and no one even wants to work – just walk around dinging their phones.

The Dem’s are allowing inflation to set in and now raising the debt ceiling to allow them to borrow more money. They just don’t have any sense or better still – no cents.


Don’t think so.

Old Joe is going to have to come up with a better slogan – cause this one ain’t “working” either.


When will people learn that the country is a business not a “PARTY” and vote for “people who know how to run a country.” How many times do you have to repeat that mistake by voting for Democrats who are socialists? Stop calling our political SYSTEM – the DEMOCRATIC PARTY – because they think they are suppose to PARTY ALL OF THE TIME.



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