KOMMONSENTSJANE – How Middle East Sees Afghanistan’s Taliban Takeover

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Why does the U.S. (20 years of fighting)/Russia (20 years of fighting) keep trying to change the uneducated culture of the Middle East. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear as you can well see. Since those wars didn’t work – they are using the virus as the cleansing agent without a shot being fired and rearranging the deck chairs of the world by mixing up the uneducated world and by using the One World Order genocide tactics called Covid.



Zanst Othman

The United States has been in Afghanistan for 20 years. It spent nearly 2 trillion USD, lost thousands of American soldiers, and has seen the death of tens of thousands of Afghan soldiers and civilians alike.

After these tragedies, the decision to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan does not come as a surprise. The former Trump Administration has taken numerous efforts to remove the United States from the Afghan stalemate and extended its hand to negotiate a peace agreement with the Taliban, which later failed. At the moment, there is no apparent inconsistency in American outlook towards the region; just the execution of the retreat is at complete fault. United States withdrawal shocked the world as it seemed more like US troops fleeing Afghanistan than a strategic choice to return. Anyone who witnessed the Kabul airport scene in Afghanistan will resonate with the sentiment. The Republican Party of…

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