Since it is difficult to get into Mexico without “papers” – how are they being allowed to waltz through Mexico?

How Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has leveraged Texas trespassing laws to jail ‘thousands’ of migrants

Dan Carson


After a month that saw border agents harassing Haitian immigrants from horseback and thousands of refugees crowded under a bridge near Del Rio, Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott took to the airwaves this week to elaborate on future plans for law enforcement at the state’s southern border.

(That first sentence is a lie – the border agents were not harassing anyone. The crowded refugees were under that bridge by their own volition and were trespassing – voluntarily, willingly. The agents were doing their job.

The charities who are helping these people are breaking the law by encouraging them to break the laws of the state – aiding and abetting against the states’ trespassing laws. The charity officials should also be arrested and put in jail.)


In a wide-ranging Thursday interview on “The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show,” Abbott lambasted President Joe Biden and spoke candidly about his decision to call for a state disaster declaration in June. The governor said the proclamation has allowed him to re-direct tax dollars and increase prison sentences for migrants apprehended at the border — part of larger designs to create a system for the mass incarceration of undocumented people in the south of Texas.

“We stepped up and created our own court system in south Texas where we are arresting and processing and then jailing people who are coming across the border for criminal trespass,” Abbot told the hosts. “Because I declared a disaster in this region along the border, it immediately elevates the time in jail and the penalties for trespass in the state of Texas and it turns it into a six-month to a year behind bar penalty.”

Abbott praised the results of his controversial “catch and jail” policy currently being implemented by state agents. The mandate has been challenged by defense attorneys, leading to the release of 250 migrants found to be illegally held in prison for more than a month without charges. “We opened up thousands of jail cells where we now have more than a thousand people behind bars who crossed across the border illegally and trespass on areas in the state of Texas,” the governor said, “and we arrested them for trespass.”

The disaster declaration mentioned by Abbott was one of several he’s issued over the past year, and has allowed the governor to repurpose $250 million of appropriated funds for the construction of a border wall he’s promised constituents in recent months. The governor explained to Clay and Sexton how taxpayer money has been successfully redirected by the state legislature to expand the catch and jail program and erect barriers.

“All of this was capable because of funding provided by the state legislature where the state of Texas and Texas taxpayers themselves,” Abbott said. “[State legislators] are coming with three—not coming up with, they’ve allocated, they’ve provided to us, they’ve budgeted—$3 billion for Texas to be able to respond to this tidal wave of people coming across the border.”

The $3 billion border figure Abbott cited could stand to be just the beginning of the financial costs facing Texas for what many see as regressive policies recently enacted in the state. In April, Waco-based economist Ray Perryman published a study placing the cost of capital flight in response to the state’s new voter restriction laws at $14.7 billion over the next four years. Perryman projects further damage to Texas’ economic prospects in the aftermath of the state’s September 1 passage of a near-total abortion ban.

“Laws that are less inclusive, whether they make voting more difficult, limit opportunities based on gender identity, restrict access to health care for indigent persons, unreasonably limit flexibility in family planning, or misrepresent history in a racially biased manner, pose substantial risk to the Texas economy over an extended period,” Perryman said.

Ending his interview, Abbott told Clay and Sexton the Biden administration hasn’t spoken to him about his actions at the border, and expressed joy at the idea of the state funding and enacting its own full-court press against immigrants.

“None offered my help or any assistance,” Abbott said. “[The Biden administration] never even offered any challenge to us, which is good because it means we are able to step up and do more than has ever been done to put up forces, put up barriers to try to do everything possible to prevent these people from coming in.”


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