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TRUST BUT VERIFY!  Just take a look at the debt clock – they have no shame.

When will we start testing our government officials with a MANDATORY IQ TEST? From the looks of this last zinger bill with borrowed money, these officials must have been released from the insane asylums in our country. We have to get back to being sensible and testing these people before we vote on them. Remember most of them are of the age group of the dumbing down of America folks and it is showing with what is in this latest bill.

These Democrats aren’t patriots – they are reruns from foreign countries and trying to put our country into the gutter.  Stop electing foreigners into high positions  WHO ARE either members of BLM/ANTIFA or backers.


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

YOUR Department of Homeland Security Sec. (Alejandro Mayorkas) (stated: 13,000 Haitian immigrants have been released into our country AND 20% have illnesses. He said he did not expect the increase in COVID variances that they are seeing from the immigrants. HE WAS SURPRISED BY THAT! This administration’s ignorance mirrors that of their fearless leader, JOE BIDEN. But keep putting your ridiculous mask on Joe!

Jen Psaki, super Joe’s White House Press Sec. said: Republicans should stop giving speeches at the border and join Democrats in a solution. REALLY? We’ve seen what the Dems/the Socialist Party/the Left’s solutions look like! At least Republicans have been to the border. Reread my last sentence in the above paragraph!! Wow! Dear Jen, your f-ing boss is the problem. The previous administration had the solution. Your f-ing boss reversed it all, and you f-ing know it! The administration does not want a solution. This is…

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