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My question is – if the Dem’s are not following the law of the Constitution and are using sharia law and we do not have any teeth to protect the Constitution – what is the remedy to stop this abuse.  During President Trump’s time in office – the Democrats flagrantly defied his leadership and constantly spent time and taxpayer money to abuse him.  Why is it that the Dem’s can cause all of this destruction; but, yet, the courts or no one is going to court to stop the Dem’s/Biden?

The will of the people not Schumer-Pelosi’s shameful corruption should have some bearing.  What and who can stop this damage which is being done to our country, i.e., immigration, etc.


Balladeer's Blog

Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog takes another look at the way the Democrats continue their attacks on the rest of us while impotent and outdated Republican office holders continue caring about nothing except money.

Tulsi Gabbard pictureCOURAGEOUS DEMOCRAT TULSI GABBARD CALLS FOR ACCOUNTABILITY FROM THE BIDEN REGIME OVER ITS DRONING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE. With her craven colleagues apparently feeling “Our political party – right or wrong” it’s good to see that Gabbard retains her bravery and her independence.

IT CAN’T BE STRESSED ENOUGH – JOE BIDEN NOT ONLY EULOGIZED FELLOW DEMOCRAT ROBERT BYRD, A KU KLUX KLAN OFFICIAL, BUT ALSO COMES FROM A SLAVE-OWNING FAMILY. Yet the criminal fool thinks he’s fit to lecture the rest of the country about “White Supremacy”.

ELEVEN CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR VIOLATING THE S.T.O.C.K. ACT OF 2012. Another reminder that it is NOT overreacting to consider our elected officials to be…

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