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Reflecting on the past only shows how bad “democrats” are brain dead when it comes to the market. Trump took the country out of the doldrums of Obama’s failed time in office and the democrats couldn’t handle the success and Trump did it with one hand tied behind him with Pelosi/Schumer hanging on to him with their fake schemes.

That is just too funny. The Democrats are a fickle piece of pigsty.

They say they are helping people – look at the way people are living on the streets in CA and they re-elect the one who put them there.

The people of CA voted and now will get what they asked for – socialism.  So, I feel for those who voted against socialism; but, if they don’t want to put up with it – they can always move to another state.

Those people who re-elected the CA governor seem to want to be abused and enjoy it.  They have to be “sadist.”


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The Dangerous Delusions of Gen. Mark Milley! It was Trump Derangement Syndrome, not Trump, that posed the greatest threat to the country.

by GEORGE NEUMAYR at the American Spectator: AMGen. Mark Milley and President Trump at the Inaugural Parade on Jan. 20, 2017 (Wikimedia Commons/U.S. Army Reserve photo by Master Sgt. Michel Sauret)

The ruling class treated the Trump presidency as a singular crisis in the history of the country. From the constant shrieking of the media, one might have thought that America had fallen into the hands of a foreign occupier. Because the ruling class viewed Trump as illegitimate from the start, it cast almost all of his executive actions, no matter how prosaic, as deeply scandalous and troubling. The media ginned up endless controversies about Trump, but they never amounted to much. Most of them revolved around Trump’s infractions of taste or his deviations from this or…

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