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Dem’s are in trouble only in the eyes of Repub’s because the Dem’s don’t want to know the difference between right and wrong. The road of socialism is their road map.  They always adjust their road map to their socialist direction.

A good example is the Pope’s comments – doesn’t matter what direction Biden takes as long as it is the socialist pattern – he still gets communion. They all know socialism doesn’t work and IT has been tried since day one; but, that doesn’t matter because their route is to put people “on their knees” and the people have to look up to them and beg. Just part of their ignorance. They don’t want people to strive to improve. They like poverty because poverty makes them more powerful.

They feel they have done their job if people have “nothing” and live on the streets and they live like kings in their ivory towers.


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

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Democratic Socialist Party outnumber Republicans by 2 to 1 in California. California hanging on to Newsome by “nearly” a 2 to 1 vote should not be of any surprise. They enjoy the homeless living on their streets, with the drugs and disease. They aren’t concerned about their state having enough water, but will support a fraudulent policy with nothing to gain in the Socialist’s Green New Deal, the preachers of climate change. They’ll gladly pay up to those policies requiring additional taxes. Not to worry, Californians are happy to pay more taxes, for whatever Kamala and Joe promise. Why would anyone want to live in California? Sure it’s pretty, but they are destroying the beauty with fires caused by Newsome led mismanagement. And they don’t mind living under Newsome rules and regulations that he will be exempt of. Democrats across the nation are celebrating that the California governor did not…

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