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A good example of the past repeating itself.

Why aren’t people who are put in the public’s trust not held accountable?  Are our memories that short?  Do we not care about our country and our Constitution and continue to allow foreigners to “run us out of our own homes – the U.S.?”

The Public Be Damned: One Black Week in 1875 – The SS Pacific

Alas! If I had but known.

“You placed me in this coffin; cannot you help me out?” 



Inquests held upon the bodies that were found placed the blame on the Orpheus for crossing the steamer’s bows and so causing the collision. The inefficiency of the watch of the steamer was condemned, and the condition of the boats was denounced, but nothing ever came of the verdict The owners of the boats were never prosecuted, and the officers were all dead. The families who were bereft of their breadwinners were not compensated for their loss, but after the lapse of these many years the occurrence and its accompanying horrors are still remembered by those who lost their friends or who were active participants in the after events.

How many hearts were broken in consequence of the disaster will never be known. Such unfortunates usually suffer in silence. I knew of one case where a young and industrious mechanic, whose sweetheart went down with the wreck, was never known to do a days work afterwards. When the first paroxysm of grief had passed, he was accustomed to walk listlessly along the water front and accost the master of every vessel that came in from the sea with inquiries as to whether any more of the Pacific’s people had been rescued. The reply was always negative, and he would walk off with a dejected air. Finally he went away, and probably died in some lunatic asylum or hospital. About fifty families were broken up and scattered, and many came upon the public for maintenance. There were two suicides at San Francisco in consequence of the disaster, and there were many instances of actual distress of which the public never heard. In all their details the circumstances attending the loss of the Pacific are among the most heartrending that ever came under my notice.

I have often narrated the dreadful story of the loss of the Pacific to friends who had heard only a vague account of it, and on several occasions as I concluded the narrative, I have been asked which incident of the many pathetic ones connected with the wreck dwelt most in my mind. In other words, which of the occurrences that led up to the sinking impressed me most. I have always replied that, sweeping aside every consideration of sympathetic interest in the fate of many acquaintances who were rushed into eternity in an instant, as it were- forgetting for a time the awful sensations those on board the ship must have experienced when the truth was forced upon them that they were beyond human help and that the sun had set forever upon their earthly careers- I say I have always replied that the one picture which presents itself to my mind when I recall the awful event is that of the bonnie little blue-eyed boy to whom I said farewell as the gang plank was drawn in. I had never seen him before- he was neither kith nor kin of mine- but whenever I think of the going down of the Pacific his sweet face appears to me- sometimes as I last saw it; and again wearing an expression of keen anguish and horror, the bright eyes filled with tears and the hands held out in a vain position to be saved from an impending doom. Since I sat down to write this sad story he has been with me every moment of the time; and once I thought I heard him repeat what I have often in the silent hours of the day or night imagined I heard him say: “You placed me in this coffin; cannot you help me out?” Alas! If I had but known.


The problem is we do know who these people are.

What are we waiting for?   The people of this country worked hard to build it.  Are we going to allow a bunch of uneducated idiots take what does not belong to them?  Our Military goes to war to protect democracy in foreign countries and won’t even protect its own?   Something is wrong with this picture.


Balladeer's Blog

biden blood on handsIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at the senile yet corrupt and blood-soaked Joe Biden’s ongoing war on the poor and the working class in America as well as a few of his other scandals.

THE JOE BIDEN REGIME WANTS TO IGNORE THE HOSTAGE SITUATION IN AFGHANISTAN – (Also HERE and HERE) Typical of Joe Biden’s entire career in politics, the privileged white one percenter just wants to make graft money for himself and the Biden Crime Family and not concern himself with the welfare of others.

JOE BIDEN’S OWNERS IN CHINA KEEP GETTING THEIR MONEY’S WORTH. The latest report about how the government which owns Joe Biden – China’s – has been repeatedly and openly proclaimed as the main ally by the Taliban in Afghanistan. People are only half-jokingly calling Biden “China’s Colonial Governor of the U.S.”


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