This is what you call a “fair and blanched” media. Too funny!

What if the media had ‘Dan-Quayled Obama’?

By World Tribune on November 22, 2011

Can you imagine how differently our political climate would be if the mainstream media had the slightest inclination toward fairness and balance? The liberal media have never, to my knowledge, shined the spotlight on Obama’s many embarrassing gaffes. They have rarely called attention to his deceit, broken promises and policy failures. …

Think how different our discussions of electability would be if the liberal media were to: Dan-Quayle Obama for his “57 states” and Navy “corpse-man” gaffes. Play a video loop of his brain freezes and verbal stutter-steps. …

Air a montage of his bellicose attacks against Republicans, followed by clips in which he bitterly complained of their partisanship. Remind him of his immodest pledge to be a post-racial president while having ushered in an acutely race-conscious climate. …

Press him to explain his shaming Hillary Clinton​ during the 2008 Democratic primary race for proposing a health care insurance mandate and then brazenly making such a mandate a foundational component of Obamacare.


All of the daily trauma which is now being displayed was all set up by Obama – the head of the snake tribe. He is living the high life of a corrupt politician.

When you see him “thank him.”

The truth in the “Nut’s shell.”


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