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We must do a better job in our election of people to take care of our country. What a bunch of buffoons.


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Biden and techno fascists“He who knows only his side of the case knows little of that”. John Stuart Mill

That quote sums up the reason it is essential to do something that fewer and fewer voters seem willing to do – read and/or watch the media outlets (including social media) of both major political parties. One of the reasons I left the Democrat Party and became an Independent Voter is because of how incredibly biased American news outlets are toward one side or the other.

My standing guarantee to readers is that nothing I write is based only on one side’s media outlets and their interpretation of events. Overall perception – especially from overseas – is skewed by the way the Democrats shrewdly seized and still hold superiority in the Media Arms Race.

If, like me, you read and/ or watch literally over a dozen outlets from each side you begin to realize…

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