KOMMONSENTSJANE – Are Governments losing control to Corporates

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There are many lessons to learn from history. A look back in time will reveal occasions that companies forced governments to invade or create regime change in nations because government policies were impacting their profit & presence in countries. US corporates in South America, assassination of Iran’s Mossadegh are just a handful of examples that come to mind. The important point is that corporates have silently been influencing governments to the point of even dislodging governments. Today, corporates (nowhere near squeaky clean) are even taking governments to court. With the corporate owned media carrying on a systematic campaign to showcase the inefficiency of governments & their apparatus – we should wonder what they are up to now!

Many of the global companies relocate to third world nations, not to do any favor to them but because these countries are advantageous to them – they pay fewer taxes, they can employ…

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2 Responses to KOMMONSENTSJANE – Are Governments losing control to Corporates

  1. balladeer says:

    Great article! I don’t know if you are a fan of Robert Ludlum but his 1979 novel The Matarese Circle featured villains practicing what we today called Corporate Globalism. As ever with Ludlum, some characters were pastiches and composites of real world figures. My review is linked below. Not trying to spam you, but thought you might enjoy how well Ludlum nailed it. Naturally that spy novel covers other topics, but I increasingly find The Matarese Circle to be as prescient about corporate globalism as The Camp of the Saints was about its topic. Here is the link:



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