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This was part of Obama/Biden/One World Order’s plan.


For your information. Stupidity in the raw. News people will do anything to become a part of the real story as shown right here.


Balladeer's Blog

Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog will address more Biden failures below, but first a few photos which help draw a distinction between real life and the fantasy world lived in by Joe Biden’s privileged white one-percenter supporters.

reporter beforeNow, see Clarissa Ward a day later, covered up per Taliban orders and with no makeup per those same orders. This is real life, not the fantasies of pampered, privileged white Democrats. The pathetic Joe Biden supporters who love to do Handmaid’s Tale cosplay at political demonstrations to pretend America is moments away from becoming a Christian theocracy are even more laughable now.

reporter afterBack on topic. The rest of the world is getting a little taste of the suffering that corrupt, senile Joe Biden has been inflicting on the working class and the poor here in the United States. THE EVIDENCE OF BIDEN’S UNFITNESS FOR OFFICE WAS PLENTIFUL ALL DURING HIS NON-CAMPAIGN LAST…

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