KOMMONSENTSJANE – If Anti-Vax Trumpers Are Stupid, What About Anti-Vax Blacks, 92% of Whom Voted for Biden??

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Excuse the “explicit anger photo,” but people are fed up with the left. We know the left is trying to get as many votes and still cheat.

When you watch TV ads you could mistake being in Africa – especially, no intelligent conversation, only “jivin’.”  Too funny!  It tells you what kind of intelligence Pelosi has drivin’ her mind.

For your information.


The Conservative New Mexican

An intellectual debate over who is stupid and why it’s them.

The criticism is so ubiquitous a conspiracy theorist might think it was a coordinated talking point from the evil overlords of the media industrial complex: That it’s the Trumpers, Conservatives, and Qanon conspiracy theorists who are spreading misinformation about COVID vaccines, sowing distrust and skepticism among the masses, perpetuating the transmission of the virus, and literallykIlLiNg gRaNdMa!!!

These Trumpers are at the same timesuper-powerful media influencersand embarrassingly stupid, illiterate, brainwashed, uninformed, and un-educated.

But what the uber-elites and intellectual giants of Leftism won’t explain is how vaccine skeptics are all dumb Trumpers and at the same time young, black, Hispanic, and PhD holders.

A UC San Francisco study published in the July 14, 2021Journal of Adolescent Healthfound that one in four unvaccinated people aged 18 to 25 said that they “probably will not”…

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