It is about time this happens. These companies have been ripping off the consumers for many years to make a profit. Now it is time to go after the dentists and put them on the same pedestal with doctors. The dentists have gotten way out of line.

Most home owners who own their own home – self-insure their homes by setting up an account and putting the money they would normally pay for insurance into it. And, then paying their own bills when anything comes up. You can’t do this if you have a mortgage.


Home Insurance Just Got So Much Cheaper… Here’s Why
Maddie Buttler
By Maddie Buttler | on August 14th, 2021

Home Insurance companies who have taken advantage of customers for decades, WRONGFULLY OVERCHARGING them year after year and raking in the profits while paying out LESS and LESS for claims are under pressure.

A number of new startups in the insurance space are changing the game. They focus on fair prices, wide coverage, and most importantly, an approach where the customer really is the number one priority, NOT the management, the shareholders or CEOs bonuses…

By changing the way they do business, these insurance companies can drop premiums by unbelievable amounts, with some customers reporting up to 75% savings. Even the old dinosaur companies that have gotten used to sky-high profit margins are slashing their prices in order to stay competitive.

“We managed to reduce our insurance premium by 50%! I only wish we had discovered this sooner,” Miranda exclaimed.

How Can You Benefit From This?
A new tech startup called OttoInsurance has created a tool that searches your zip code to match you with the best home insurance companies in your area that are offering massive discounts to new customers. OttoInsurance does all the hard work so you can simply pick from the list!

But you can’t do nothing and expect your rates to magically drop. You need to take action. We recommend getting free quotes from a few companies with the help of this new tool, then picking the best one for you. Chances are, you reduce your premiums AND get better coverage this way.

● If you currently overpay for home insurance…

● If you’ve had no claims but your coverage just gets more expensive year after year…

● If you’ve had a few claims over the years and your rates have skyrocketed…

● If your current home insurance company seems like they only care about themselves…

● If you currently do not have home insurance…

Then you can’t afford to miss this!

Are You Already Overpaying?
Different areas across the country have drastically different home values, but home insurance premiums are not always adjusted correctly!

We urge all homeowners to take advantage of our free tool and get a list of the top home insurance companies with deals in your area.

Insurance plans starting at just $39.99 could save home owners over $1364 this year – Instantly find out if you are eligible »

Here’s How You Do It
Step 1: Simply tap your age below & enter your zip code on the next page.

Step 2: Fill out some basic information in order to review quotes from top companies.

Select Your Age:
< 30
30 – 39
40 – 49
50 – 59
60 – 69
70 +


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