KOMMONSENTSJANE – Biden Orders Immigration Judges to Stop Speaking the Truth

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By this logic, the waves of migrants at the border are not breaking our laws, they simply lack the proper documentation.

What a bunch of crock. An exclamation that something is ridiculous, nonsense, or clearly untrue. Including “of shit” at the end makes the phrase more emphatic but is also much more rude



This is a brazen attempt to normalize illegal immigration.ByBrian Lonergan

August 4, 2021

While the Biden Administration has spent the last six months demonstrating that it lacks the managerial competence to run a lemonade stand, it is clamping down on language unhelpful to its extremist agenda with the ruthless efficiency of an Amazon distribution facility.

The latest example of this is a White Houseorderto the Justice Department that our immigration judges will “use language that is consistent with our character as a nation of opportunity and of welcome.” Translation: immigration judges are no longer allowed to use the terms “alien” or “illegal alien” in their legal opinions.

Instead of using those two legally accurate terms for people in the country unlawfully, the Justice Department recommends gentler, more politically correct terminology like “respondent, applicant, petitioner, beneficiary, migrant, noncitizen, or non-U.S. citizen.”

To make this order even more preposterous…

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