July 29, 2021, “Let There Be Water.”

Seth Siegel wrote this interesting book. I have been reading articles and hearing news clips about the success Israel had had with the problem on water. It has been a triumph. Now I can read all about everything that was accomplished. And it is a fascinating story, made up of many parts.

Each technical breakthrough was complicated but the writer keeps it simple and easy to understand. I get the facts but not the boring details. If I want to learn more about specifics, such as reverse osmosis, I can look up the reference books in the back of the book. For me, I am enjoying the story and the people involved.

This book was published in 2015 so new chapters need to be added. But it tells the story of how Israel has made the desert bloom. Half of Israel is desert and half is arid so it has been quite an impressive accomplishment. Now if the rest of the middle east would mimic their actions everyone would benefit. But they do not so most countries are short of water. They evidently refuse to learn from the Jews. For me, I was delighted to read the story. Every night when I come upstairs I read several chapters. And I get impressed all over again. It is quite a story and I am enjoying this book, “Let There Be Water”.


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