Self-defeating RINO’S/Democrat Socialists continue their self-portrayal by beating their chests with testosterone tears of pity and lacking their ability to portray themselves as champions of LAW AND ORDER – which does collide with the testimony given.

If they are so into LAW AND ORDER – why didn’t they inject in this testimony by showing the Seattle/Portland BLM/Antifa event sponsored by Democrats who destroyed the area – which was under siege for weeks by rioting/looting, people killed, burning of buildings and the neighbors who were held hostage during that time. Also, the fact that THOSE rioters were held under a “catch and release” and no one was held responsible for their arrest; but, yet, we are having this UNAPOLOGETICALY DUMB dog and pony show to expose Democrats/Capital Police who turned a protest into an “insurrection” by the Democrats in conjunction with BLM/Antifa and blaming it on the Trump voters – remember the Democrats favorite phase – don’t let an event go to waste – blame others. And, this is what this hearing is all about.

These cry babies should have turned these wasted testosterone tears into better use. Do these dumb Democrats/RINO’S realize they are only making themselves look dumber. The American people have their number.

What dumb clucks under the tutelage of Pelosi -MOMMA HEN BROODER.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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