KOMMONSENTSJANE – The Great Debate: Would Jesus Have Been a Liberal or Conservative?

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Democrats are now socialists – so we do not have that many liberals in that party.

Also during President Trump’s time in office – he always tried to help the least among us and raise them up in stature which was a first.  Reason being, he wasn’t a politician.  He was a businessman who applied business principles to the President’s office which was to help the masses not the crooked and that was what the Democrats/Socialists didn’t like.

My conclusion is that in today’s world Jesus would lean more to the conservative side: The reason being – .Colossians 3:23 23 – Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the LORD, not for human masters, Work is a gift from God. “ The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it” (Genesis 2:15). Since the beginning, work has been part of God’s plan for humanity.

I never hear Democrats talk about work.


Writer, Tadd J. Riley

In a greatly divided nation and the world, everyone wants people they idolize to agree with their worldview. From the founding fathers to Jesus Christ, everyone makes claims to justify their actions.

We all have seen the memes, the TikTok videos, and even the political rally signs of how Jesus of the Bible (Jesus Christ) would have been a liberal. Then, if you flip that, and in greater numbers, we all have also heard from the Christian evangelicals stating, “If Jesus were alive today, he would hate what this great nation has become, with all the illegals, gays, and nonbelievers, running everything.” As a gay liberal raised on the Christian mythos, my first response is to call bull on any pastors, priests, or radical Christians who say, or agree with, such statements. However, putting my personal believes and ideology aside, I wanted to see which was true about the Jesus…

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2 Responses to KOMMONSENTSJANE – The Great Debate: Would Jesus Have Been a Liberal or Conservative?

  1. Tadd Riley says:

    We may disagree politically and ideologically but I appreciate your thoughtful comments and reblog. A healthy debate without hate is what makes this county great. Hope you are having a great weekend with lots of smiles and laughter. Sincerely, your Gay liberal atheist friend ❤


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