KOMMONSENTSJANE – Is The American (USA) Education Broken or Just Neglected?

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It is both because you have the government and the union in cahoots with each other –  trying to incorporate socialism into our system to keep our children ignorant so they will be in the same stage as all of the illegals who are being brought into this country. A lot of our teachers are not qualified for their jobs and are just glorified baby sitters.  When is the socialist educational system going to be removed and replaced with a system that truly  represents the Constitution?


Writer, Tadd J. Riley

“Change is the end result of all true learning.”

– Leo Buscaglia

We are two decades into the 21st century; the United States of America is only five years away from celebrating 250 years as a nation. Still, we fight over the same old issues we have always fought over, with some new modern ones added in for good measure. 2021 is no different when you watch the news than when people watched the news sixty years ago. Groups of people are still fighting for and over equality, justice, the economy, and healthcare. The rich still take advantage of the middle class; racism in 2021 seems no different than racism in 1921; bullying and bigotry, homelessness, and unfair wages. I could go on and on with all the issues the United States faces today and has always faced.

To overcome most of these problems and progress into the future with…

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