KOMMONSENTSJANE – The Gig Academy Part 1: The Enduring Tenure of Academic Tenure

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From a lay person’s point of view, the socialists have taken over academia and have ruined our country (U.S.) because we do not have enough creative conservatives in that venue to have discussions to balance the capitalistic system. Therefore, our colleges are nothing but vegetable soap with no meat in the system of learning.

As a parent who witnessed a high-paying student with subs for professors because the tenured professors were too lazy to do their job – this needs to be reviewed. Also, prospective professors should be a mix of socialists /conservatives in the colleges and the hiring board should also have that same mix. Too much socialistic fat settling at the bottom of the mix and controlling our children’s thinking. It took at least 10 years after college and working in the real world to remove the socialistic fat from that bone structure.


Notes on the Academy

– The NotA Collective

“India debates a nationwide tenure system,” reads a headline in Nature.1 It seems academics across the country are debating whether to adopt a tenure-track system for faculty, or keep the current one. This should confuse anyone who has spent any time in an Indian institution. Senior professors in our institutes seem to have no worries about losing their jobs, with some of them not even turning up at their office. What is the cause of this nonchalant confidence, if they don’t have tenure? Why is our current system not a tenure-track system? The Nature article clarifies the difference,

“Some scientists are calling for the nationwide adoption of a five-year tenure-track review structure. After around five years, research faculty members are reviewed on the basis of their publications and funding received. Teaching ability and service to the institution usually have a supporting role. If the…

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