KOMMONSENTSJANE – Are You Enjoying The Normalcy?

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The problem was – the left doesn’t have enough sense to know what “normalcy” is. Normalcy to a leftie is protesting, riots, blowing up and burning buildings, high crime rate, stealing and cheating. Right now the left is “livin’ in high cotton.” They call this being normal.

What the left didn’t like about President Trump is that he always “out foxed” them with his tweets and kept them off balance.

I will take President Trumps “normalcy any day which is as you stated.

It’s been seven months since Donald Trump was President of the United States. if you weren’t a fan of his, the absence of daily tweets directed at celebrities, politicians, institutions, and foreign leaders, tanned face, blond hair, long red tie, big suits, or his Queen accent, things must have been pretty great for you.

This is what I call normalcy.  The Democrats are “so out of style and boring.”  They have no creativity and are taking us backwards.


Pax Americana

Joe Biden speaks during an event with the Munich Security Conference at the White House. (AP)

You could summarize the entire 2020 campaign to ‘dethrone’ President Trump from office to a simple slogan: “A Return to Normalcy”. A throwback to Warren G. Harding’s campaign slogan in 1920. The same phrase but both hold different meanings. Biden hasn’t really used the term ‘normalcy’ often during the election but political pundits across the media landscape declared Biden as the candidate or President that would bring the United States back to where it was before the Trump Presidency, what they claimed was our rightful place.

For conservatives, this was another way to say that the Left wanted to return to the state of affairs under the Obama Administration. For the Left, the Obama Presidency was just the beginning of the transformation of the United States, from a bright and free republic into their…

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