Yes, it is a “sordid thing” to divvy us up by race.

It is time to saw off that limb. Those folks continue to brain wash our kids into “idle” minds – walking around with a cell phone which tells you what your next step will be. These are the same people who were brain-washed under the Clinton’s dumbing down theories. We must have a color blind society and allow all an equal chance in life. For those who want to work hard and climb that ladder of success – go for it – because at times, “it ain’t easy.” And, for those who are lazy and want life “given” to them as we are presently doing by social-promoting people to positions they aren’t qualified and thereby causing these present conditions in our cities – which is poverty and corruption.

CRT is not reasonable and appropriate for our kids. Again, these people are members of the “idle mind and the devil’s workshop.” It is making our country a third-world. Our country is a like a “patch” work quilt where everyone plays a role and it is up to you to participate; and, if you don’t – you just lay there.


First, I was struck by a piece by John O. McGinnis at Law and Liberty: “It Is a Sordid Thing, This Divvying Us Up by Race”. The quote used as the title comes from Chief Justice John Roberts.*

The piece is about the use of race as a policy category and about how the Supreme Court might respond. I am less interested in that analysis than I am about the framing of the discussion (to include the quote used for the title).

The piece starts as follows:

The use of race by government or in government-funded programs divides our politics. On one side, some citizens, predominantly but by no means exclusively Republicans, want the government to reject racial preferences in benefits and education. Others, principally Democrats, want the government to be race-conscious, even pervasively so. It is hard to think of an issue more important to the future of classical liberalism, because that philosophy of government presupposes that individuals, not groups, are the bearers of rights.

This issue is coming to head because the current Democratic Congress is enacting more race-conscious programs and the Biden administration is happily implementing them. Yet the federal judiciary, newly stocked with Trump appointees, is poised to interpret the Constitution as colorblind and strike them down.

Again, it is a “sordid thing” to divvy us up by race.

These people can’t have it both ways – when it is convenient. Remember, majority rules – unless you cheat.


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