KOMMONSENTSJANE – Megyn Kelly Says Media Hyped up Capitol Riot to Make It Look ‘Worse than It Actually Was.’

Dem’s continue to use the Capital riot as a distraction for their “lack luster” job in leading the country. They know how to waste money is a given. And they said “moderate” Joe would save the country from President Trump’s policies which were to make America great again after Obama and the Democrat’s Covid attack against the people.

Let’s hear from those who voted for “moderate” Joe. They must love how he is taking down the country. Democrat voters do think that one day what they do will make a decision and ring the bell of success. Look at our Democrat-led run-down cities – a good example – cheating and poverty. Problem is – too many RINOS and too many Democrats. Need to weed out the RINOS.



Megyn Kelly Says Media Hyped up Capitol Riot to Make It Look ‘Worse than It Actually Was’

By Cammy Pedroja On 7/12/21 at 4:24 PM EDT


Megyn Kelly

Capitol Riots

Megyn Kelly, the host of the Megyn Kelly Show podcast, said on her Monday episode that “there is no question” the media exaggerated the events of the January 6 Capitol insurrection as “much worse than it actually was.”

Kelly made the comment in conversation with her guest, comedian Chrissie Mayr, who described her own experience as a participant in the January 6 riots as “so like, not a big deal,” and “the most chill thing ever.”

“There is no question the media represented it as so much worse than it actually was,” the former Fox News anchor agreed.


Have to agree with Kelly – the Democrats continue to blow up that balloon of fear and blame someone else – when the Democrats were using the Repub protest as blaming the Repubs for the riot. Remember the Dem’s OPENED THE DOOR FOR Antifa and BLM to let them in during the protest when all hell broke loose. Review all of the videos folks. It can’t be denied.

Thanks for the truth, Kelly.


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