KOMMONSENTSJANE – Millions Outraged Over Maxine Waters’ Insane Claims About White People

What’s going on in Waters’ mind? Why does she and the others continue playing the victim role when they are suppose to be protecting the Declaration of Independence as representatives of the people who elected them? How can she call the country racist when she wasn’t present when it was written? Is this being said to garner attention from her followers? White people wrote it – therefore, she is presenting it to us from her perspective as a black person which is her right as an American which is given to her under that Declaration of Independence.

No problem, let her vent her anger – no one is paying attention to what she says because we know what her agenda is – hatred.


Millions Outraged Over Maxine Waters’ Insane Claims About White People

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Rep. Maxine Waters, the chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee and arguably one of the most radical elected Democrat officials, used her social media to criticize the Declaration of Independence…on July 4.

The controversial lawmaker, who has previously called for the harassment of Republicans and Trump administration officials in the streets, claimed that the founding document of the United States is “racist” because it was written 245 years ago when the United States had slavery.

On Sunday, while the rest of the country was out enjoying BBQ food, sunshine, and independence day celebrations, Waters chose to take to social media to complain.

“They weren’t thinking about us then, but we’re thinking about us now!” she said.

Waters was joined by Cori Bush, the latest addition to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “squad” and arguably even one of the most vocal extremists in the group of left-wing legislators.

In her own tweet, Bush wrongly claimed that the United States is “stolen land” and “Black people still aren’t free.”

Someone might want to inform Bush that Black Americans are protected by exactly the same rights as White Americans, and have every opportunity white people do.

Why are these people so desperate to be oppressed?

It makes you wonder if they hate America so much, why don’t they just…leave?


That big old continent of Africa is open. Bet there would be a lot of people overseas who would change places with her in a New York minute – if she made the request.

On second thought, I bet deep down in Auntie Maxine’s heart she is glad to be in the U.S. and in her position because if her people had not been brought over – who knows – she might be living in poverty somewhere overseas instead of living “high on the hog,” as is her present condition.

Sure am glad my kinfolks came to the U.S. by ship which wasn’t easy in those days.


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