KOMMONSENTSJANE – Biden Democrats Are Destroying America, Economically, Culturally, Geographically, Spiritually, Educationally!

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Can you believe what our elected politicians have done to this country? The people elected President Donald Trump to put our country on the right track after Obama’s four years of demonizing it. Look at the blue states run by Democrats and the high debt and rot.  During all of this time the Democrats pushed through four years of liberal judges who are now being allowed to twist and turn the Constitution upside down. Now with Biden’s “whispering” proposals they sit idly by allowing him to walk over the Constitution. Examples – border out of control and now bombing foreign countries is back on the plate. Law and order is now in the “mockery” stage. Banks are being robbed with no repercussions.. Gangsters are now being put back on the streets.

I can hardly wait for the next election so that all of these foreigners can vote the Democrats back to continue the lawlessness they brought with them to continue.

Is this what we want for our country?


MN Prager Discussion Group

The Cruel Progressive Creed Undoing Civilization

The Left’s progressive wasteland is an acceptable price to pay for the terrifying visions of its anointed.

By Victor Davis Hanson at American Greatness:

Debt is suffocating us. Our currency is on its way to being Lebanonized.

Most major American cities are broke, dirty, unsafe, and run by either corrupt incumbents, neo-Marxists, or both. The law is optional, and applied asymmetrically on the basis of race and ideology. The past is found guilty by the laws of the present and so it is being undone.

The military budget is on a trajectory to be the smallest in terms of GDP allotment since World War II; its careerist officers, for their own short-term interests, are now demonizing and will soon be driving away the very demographic that has suffered percentage-wise the greatest casualties in recent wars and was once unquestionably the foundation of the military.

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