KOMMONSENTSJANE – ‘Do you miss me?’ Trump taunts ‘fake news’ media, blasts Biden and teases potential 2024 run at first rally since January (VIDEOS) | RT USA News

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For your information.

In regards to the “generals” – they are all liberals. Remember Obama fired/retired all of the conservative ones to put into place the present generals who all wear “depends.”


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'Do you miss me?' Trump taunts 'fake news' media, blasts Biden and teases potential 2024 run at first rally since January (VIDEOS)

The 45th American President Donald Trump addressed his supporters in Wellington, Ohio on Saturday during his first rally in months, streaming it on a new online media platform to get around Big Tech censorship.

Thanking the “patriots” attending the event for the “incredible turnout,” Trump then immediately attacked the Democratic administration of his successor.

After just five months, the Biden administration is already a complete and total catastrophe.

“Poor borders, they were so perfect,” Trump lamented in reference to tough immigration policies during his own presidency, blaming the current administration for the migrant crisis on the US-Mexico border. He then blasted Biden on foreign policy as well, claiming that “China, Russia and Iran are humiliating our country.”

Trump commented on the latest Pentagon trends“You see these generals lately on television? They are ‘woke.'” He added: “The military brass have become weak and ineffective leaders, and…

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