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For your information. Would the few honest people in government verify the 2020 election? How can we trust those who aren’t honest and cheated?


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.Biden crushing dissent

repub dem otherNot to get maudlin but I am once again humbled by the way that so many overseas readers trust my opinions regarding America’s political scene which clarify the situations obscured by the shrill partisan media outlets of both our major parties. Regular readers know I would love to see both the Republicans and the Democrats splinter into multiple smaller political parties because they stopped representing the needs of their constituents long ago and now exist just to perpetuate their own privileges and greed.

This time around the questions from overseas centered around the ongoing audits and investigations into the 2020 presidential election results. I will post the links to relevant articles at the bottom of this blog post. NOTE: Members of both major parties will be offended by different aspects of my opinion below. 

ITEM ONE: I’ve been asked about the sheer possibility of a stolen election, especially at…

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