KOMMONSENTSJANE – Satanic Obama Admits Biden ‘Presidency’ “Finishing The Job” He Started. That’s Bcz Obama’s “Running the Show”

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I hate to tell you “I told you so” many moons ago. He cheated to win both terms like Biden did.

He is just one man – are we going to let the “beastard” get by with all of this damage he has done to our country and living like a hog on the high side of life on our dime.  God Bless America.


The Mad Jewess

Satanic Obama Admits Biden ‘Presidency’ “Finishing The Job” He Started. That’s Bcz Obama’s “Running the Show”

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Cut to the chase, Obama… YOU are running the nation not Joe. Quite a few people have called this out. We are onto you. We know what you are doing. You are ‘softening’ the people to ‘receive’ you once you complete the coup after Joe croaks or there is a major catastrophe.

You’re such a liar. But, then again, the devil’s been a liar from the beginning like you. I believe nothing you say. I know you are the ‘king’ who once was, now is not, yet will come written of in Revelation 17. Most people can’t see that but I do and so does our other writer, Geir.

“Ninety percent of the folks who were there in my administration, they are continuing and building on the policies we talked about,” Obama said. In…

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