Dominion is trying out a fairy tale story “human error.”

How many other Democrat states are blaming “human error?”

Dominion now laying “rumble strips” in the road – threatening law suits if you speak out on how all of the Democrats cheated.

Coding error, my foot, it was a deliberate error to cheat. Just like right now Google is interfering with this blog – that tells you everything you need to know. Time for Dominion to “fess up.”

Human error – so they say? Again, Dominion planting “rumble strips” in the road of cheating. Let’s hear more from other states and how “human error” occurred. Dominion using “law suits” as scare tactics.


Dominion Blames ‘Human Error’ After Pa. Machines Stopped Showing Republican Ballots

‘These machines — their credibility is lost. The system is compromised…’

Contributing Author
May 26, 2021
Dominion Voting Systems
Dominion Voting Systems / IMAGE: 11Alive via YouTube
Dominion Voting Systems claimed this week that “human error” is to blame after its machines in a Pennsylvania county failed to display Republican ballots.

Pennsylvania’s Luzerne County volunteer election board held a two-hour special meeting on Monday over concerns about Dominion’s machines after a local primary election held last Tuesday.

During the election, Luzerne County voters, regardless of their party affiliation, could only see a ballot labeled for the Democrat primary, which led to confusion.

Voters who tried to click on the Republican ballots were able to print them as Republican ballots, but on screen they appeared to be Democrat.

The county’s director of elections, Bob Morgan, blamed a “coding error” from within Dominion for the mishap, according to the Times Leader.

(Coding error, my foot, it was a deliberate error to cheat. Just like right now Google is interfering with this blog – that tells you everything you need to know. Time for Dominion to “fess up.”)

But Nicole Nollette, the executive vice president of operations at Dominion, insisted election officials were to blame.

“I truly apologize for the people on this call and more broadly that have been lied to. We at Dominion do not lie,” she said, claiming the company has been the target of a “disinformation campaign” ever since the 2020 presidential election.

“Dominion deeply regrets the confusion this error caused,” she added.

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Several county leaders called for a thorough investigation and independent audit of the election’s results.

“These machines — their credibility is lost,” Election Board member Missy Thomas said during the meeting on Monday. “The system is compromised.”

Dominion has filed several defamation lawsuits against pro-Trump Republicans who have voiced concerns about the integrity of the company’s voting machines.

Last month, the company threatened to file another one against former Michigan state Sen. Patrick Colbeck if he did not “retract his claims” about Dominion’s alleged role in voter fraud.

“The only responsible thing for you to do at this point is to publicly and forcefully retract your false claims about Dominion and set the record straight regarding the fake evidence and fake experts you have put forward,” Dominion said in its legal complaint. “Make no mistake—Dominion will hold you accountable for these lies.”


“Rumble, rumble!


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