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The subject (social promotion) was discussed with our school superintendent in 1978 and his reply was – my choice is – it is either getting fired or follow the given instructions.  That is why we are in this situation today.  No guts – no glory.

Have we gotten so busy that we have not taken time to see what the educational system has been teaching? It is not too late to save our children from the Democrats. It is surprising that the teachers have not spoken out about the curriculum – are they in agreement with the garbage that is put on our children’s plates ever day? Hate and evil?


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educa smallerIt’s the latest installment of Faculty Lounge Fascist Roundup! It’s no secret that privileged white Democrats aka “baizuos” have distorted the educational system into a partisan “church” of irrational thought and ugly intolerance.

Their discriminatory hiring practices have long been apparent in the number of Democrats vs non-Democrats in the faculty and ESPECIALLY administrative staff. If NON-Democrats were around 90% of the staff at colleges and universities you can bet Democrat elected officials would have looked out for their constituents and addressed that imbalance and bias long ago. “Viewpoint discrimination” would be discussed everywhere with legislation addressing the issue in the news all the time. WE NEED THIRD PARTIES!

JOHN SEXTON has authored a recent examination of the many ways in which these discriminatory practices come into play, partially inspired by the Democrats’ recent hypocritical pretense that they care about the issue. CLICK HERE TO READ IT.

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