KOMMONSENTSJANE – How Trump’s Economy/ Vaccines Quietly Saved America

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History will tell the real story of President Trump’s four years as President of the U.S.

Every entrepreneur’s journey to success is different. Each one of us must look for, or create, opportunities to sell or promote. Most importantly, we need the courage to forge ahead with what we believe, even when others around us tell us it won’t work.

To excel, you mustn’t listen to the naysayers. Instead, continue to have patience and perseverance. Be inspired by these famous people who followed their passion and created their success.

The Democrats were left at the station of hate. Just think what could have been instead of where they took the country.



The man basically pulled off a miracle with the vaccines, and the economy he built (that withstood literally shutting our nation down) isn’t far behind.

He gets credit for neither one. His supporters barely even recognize the staggering scale of these achievements.

Can you imagine if there were no vaccines?

Or how about this, first: can you imagine another president pushing as hard as President Trump did to get the vaccines?

Do you remember literally everyone — from Anthony Fauci to Lester Holt, Jimmy Kimmel to LeBron James — promising that Trump was an idiot for even talking about vaccines?

Do you remember how insistent they were that it could never happen as quickly as he was pushing for?

Do you remember knowing then, as you still do today, that all of their efforts were solely to cast as much doom-and-gloom as possible over our nation, and that none…

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